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Learning to Sew

My grandmother knitted and my mom needlepointed, I’ve picked up both crafts. Even though both of them did needle crafts, neither of them sewed except to mend clothes and occasionally hem things (we are short, so most things need hemming!) So for Mother’s Day, my mom and I decided that we needed to learn. We took a class at John Lewis (we were living in London at the time). Continue reading “Learning to Sew”
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Every Day is “Big Block of Cheese Day”


I think now is as a good a time as any to start with the politics side of things. So let’s start with my a topic inspired by favorite political drama…

As Aaron Sorkin explains to us during the first season of “The West Wing,” Andrew Jackson had, in the lobby of his White House, a big block of cheese. He would let anyone who was hungry come and eat it. Continue reading “Every Day is “Big Block of Cheese Day””

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Reminiscing about Culinary School

I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m a pastry chef. Here’s the place where I’m going to prove it to you. Starting with my first day:


That’s the whitest my uniform ever looked! That was a great day really. It’s funny, I don’t even think we baked anything that night but I’m sure whatever we did (sat through a lecture and chopped apples, if I’m not mistaken) it was more fun that the first day of law school would have been. Anyway, on the second day of class we baked our first pastry: an apple tart. Continue reading “Reminiscing about Culinary School”