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Genesee Country Village and Museum

Day before yesterday I went to the Celtic Festival at the Genesee Country Village and Museum, a fantastic living history museum in upstate New York.


GCV&M is a brilliant place. If you find yourself in the area it is well worth a visit. Basically, they have painstakingly relocated pioneer- to Victorian- era houses from the surrounding area. Volunteer craftspeople carry on traditions from maintaining and using the antique printing press to running the blacksmith’s shop, from baking traditional cakes in traditional kitchens to growing hops and brewing beer. It’s an impressive, functional, historic village. I visited once or twice in elementary school and I was sure I was remembering it through rose colored glasses. I most certainly wasn’t. It’s even better than I remembered! Continue reading “Genesee Country Village and Museum”

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Why I’d Vote to Remain in the EU

You’ve probably heard that Brexit nearly upon us. For those of you who don’t know, “Brexit” is the silly-sounding term that is being used to describe the British referendum on whether or not to leave the EU. The vote will be on June 23rd, so hopefully we will stop hearing the word “Brexit” very soon! Regardless of the absurdity of the term, Brexit is a serious issue. I don’t have a dog in the fight so I was going to keep quiet. But I can’t any more. (And because I decided to speak out on the eve of voting, I may not be as coherent in my ranting as usual. Sorry!) Continue reading “Why I’d Vote to Remain in the EU”

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They Should Have Asked Us

The other day at the office I was reading an op ed in the New York Times in which Nate Cohn more or less apologized for the institutional failure that resulted in the media thinking Trump would never be a serious contender for the Republican nomination. He cited various reasons for this oversight from the unusual timetable for voting to the obscene number of candidates to the–apparently inaccurate–assumption that the party decides. Continue reading “They Should Have Asked Us”

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My First Food Photos

donuts 1

I got my camera (a Canon Rebel T5i, if you are into that sort of thing) for this last Chanukah/Christmas. I’d really been wanting to step up my game on my old food blog and I thought a better camera would help me take better photos of my food. I was right about the camera helping me get better photos, I was wrong about that helping my blog. Seeing the quality (if I do say so myself) of some of the non-food pictures I took, I decided to add a photography section to my food blog. But that was silly and incongruous. It’s one of the reasons I decided to start this blog–because here the plan is to be silly and incongruous. Continue reading “My First Food Photos”