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French Toast

Sunday brunch is really just an excuse to have dessert for breakfast, or at least it is in my house! This Sunday I made French toast. I’d bought brioche craquelin (brioche studded with pearl sugar) for the purpose. But I really hadn’t planned further than that.

french toast 3

We have lovely herbs in our garden so I decided I’d use something fresh. With the sugared brioche I figured I didn’t want to go the savory route, but I didn’t just want to do mint or something traditionally sweet because, well, that seemed odd for french toast. I settled on pineapple sage. We bought it a few months ago because it really did smell like pineapple. Turns out it’s extraordinarily easy to grow (which is good because I have a black thumb) and has beautiful fuchsia flowers! Of course I never really had a reason to use pineapple sage so it’s just been sitting on the potting table growing like a weed. After all a savory herb with a fruity scent didn’t seem like something that I could just toss in a recipe on a whim. Well here was my chance.

Pineapple sage

I took some leaves and chopped them up fine and mixed them right in the batter (is it a batter?) of eggs, heavy cream, sugar, grated nutmeg, Mexican vanilla extract, and a squeeze of fresh orange juice.

french toast 1

I served it with some strawberry and orange salad–mainly because the strawberries were about to go bad and I didn’t want to waste them. But also because the french toast was vaguely orange-y. I made a quick yogurt cream with more of that Mexican vanilla, Icelandic yogurt, a bit of sour cream, and a splash of heavy cream. I thought it needed a bit of something to tie together the eggy bread and the simple fruit salad, a tangy whipped cream seemed a nice complement to the rest of the flavors/textures. It didn’t photograph quite as well as I would have liked (I should have plated it slightly differently, but I’d run out of cream and I wanted to eat my portion!) so you can’t get the full effect of how great it was. Ah well, it’s not like a better photo would let you taste it, so you really couldn’t have gotten the full effect anyway!


Hi, I'm Mercedes. I'm a PhD candidate in politics and a trained pastry chef. I'm also an amateur photographer, hobby quilter, and all-around nutty girl living in the Big Apple.

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