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Garden Roses (and lighting tips)

As I’ve mentioned outdoor lighting–in other words, sunlight–is the best lighting when you can get it. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect though. Having such a bright light (and at an angle you can’t control unless you have all day) can pose problems. For instance I wanted to photograph my mom’s new David Austin roses. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get a good shot of them on the bush; the blooms are so heavy that they sag and point down and, therefore, end up in shadow. So I cut off one of the prettiest blooms so I could move it into the light. That’s my best advice for shooting in direct sunlight: move what you are shooting, if at all possible, so it is in the best light. (If it’s something that can’t be moved there are other tricks, like using your camera flash or an alternative light source to help light up shadowed spots.) Continue reading “Garden Roses (and lighting tips)”

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Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb Bar Recipe

A local farmer’s market near me had rhubarb. I don’t generally do much with rhubarb. I like it, but it’s not my favorite thing to bake with. Still, these stalks were a beautiful deep red and I couldn’t help getting a dozen stalks of this sweet vegetable. (Don’t forget, you can only eat the stalks, the leaves are poisonous).

Obviously strawberries and rhubarb are a classic pairing. I didn’t want to make pie. I like pie, but I don’t love it. Continue reading “Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb Bar Recipe”

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The Ultimate Roast Beef Sandwich

Sometimes you just want a sandwich. I find myself especially interested in sandwiches during the hot summer months. You don’t need to turn on the oven or wash too many dishes. Now you can always slap some deli meat between two slices of bread and call it a day; many times I do just that. But sometimes I want a bit more. Inspired by ‘Wichcraft, a local NYC chain and cookbook entirely devoted to making gourmet sandwiches, I kicked my sandwich up a couple of notches.

IMG_8888 Continue reading “The Ultimate Roast Beef Sandwich”

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TARDIS Cake with Jammie Dodgers

Hi everyone. I’m Mercedes and I’m a nerd. I love “Doctor Who” (not that a love of a long-running, British, sci-fi show is nerdy in and of itself, but in my case it is evidence of my nerdy-ness). As you can imagine, I was very excited about the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who that aired, well, quite a while ago now. In celebration of the landmark episode I baked. A lot. I did share this on my old blog when it actually happened, but I’m so proud of this cake that I’m posting it here as well.

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Trump and Sanders: Two Sides of the Same Coin

I know this is a bit late; I wrote it in a bit of a hurry and kept meaning to come back and proof read it. I was just going to trash it, but I am rather pleased with some of my points and seeing as Bernie Sanders has not properly dropped out of the race, I’m going to post it anyway. Better late than never, right?

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders aren’t all that different.

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More Food Photography Practice

Since I got my camera, I haven’t been baking quite as much as normal. That’s not to say I haven’t been baking. In fact, I entered a NY State Maple Syrup baking contest and won two third place ribbons!

FullSizeRender (2)

I’ve been remiss with my photography, as you can probably tell from this iPhone photo of my award winning maple bacon cornbread and my maple pecan sandwich cookies. Continue reading “More Food Photography Practice”