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World Photo Day

According to my Facebook homepage, today is the 177 anniversary of the invention of photography. That deserves a celebration!

I don’t have anything prepared (Facebook would be far more useful if they’d say something like: “Mercedes, World Photo Day is Tomorrow. So stop wasting your time here and go upload the pictures off your darn memory card already.” For the record, I understand why that’s not how they do things.) So I’ve decided to pull one photo out of each collection that I’m working on post processing, watermarking, and uploading. I’m sure most people would have these collections finished as they aren’t anything that large and exciting, but I’m a perfectionist and I’m busy.

Here they are, five photos. Some are from shoots I did before I started this blog so the backlog was rather expected (I was posting new things and neglecting the old) others are more recent and I have very little excuse. Regardless, now I’m more motivated to get going with the posting.

I need a bit of help from you though. Which series should I get on here first? Each photo is captioned so all you have to do is comment on this post with the name of the photo and the winning series will be featured on my next photography related post!


Hi, I'm Mercedes. I'm a PhD candidate in politics and a trained pastry chef. I'm also an amateur photographer, hobby quilter, and all-around nutty girl living in the Big Apple.

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