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Remember a couple of months ago, in honor of World Photo Day, I promised photos from various photo shoots? And I delivered on the two that tied for the audience’s vote: Letchworth State Park and Lamberton Conservatory… But then I didn’t post the others. Sorry. Here’s the first of the remaining batches.

Van Gogh may have been somewhat crazy, but he had a point when it came to sunflowers. They are a beautiful subject. I’m not saying my pictures are the photographic equivalent of this:


But I am happy with how they came out!

If I had it to do again, I’d probably focus on the leaf not the petals. I still love this one though!

Although I do wish I’d taken a few pictures that were so macro. Ah well, I was just finished with my class and I wanted to keep practicing what I’d learned–and I did have fun!


Hi, I'm Mercedes. I'm a PhD candidate in politics and a trained pastry chef. I'm also an amateur photographer, hobby quilter, and all-around nutty girl living in the Big Apple.

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