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Artistic Goose: Black & White Photo Challenge (CB&W)

Today I found a new black and white photography challenge. I wasn’t planning on doing the first one I found every week, let alone starting a second one. But I like taking black and white photos (and sepia, which also counts for this challenge). I never really have an excuse to post them though, as they never really work for what I’m going for. Now I’ll have an excuse to post the few I’ve taken and to take more.

I digress. Continue reading “Artistic Goose: Black & White Photo Challenge (CB&W)”

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Rapunzel Cake: TBT

Throwback to when my culinary school exam was to make a fairy tale themed cake. It was the final project of level two and the first of the four projects that counted towards the final pastry project award. When I did this all I saw was the flaw (her face was a bit creepy, her hair was messy, the pastillage tube wasn’t quite tubular, the treat boxes were slightly wonky) but now I just look and think, ‘wow, I can’t believe I made that!’ I guess that’s what being out of culinary school for nearly 5 years will do to you.

First let me say, pastillage is easy enough to make but not easy to work with. We didn’t really get practice time to work with pastillage before we had to start on the cake stand–the final project for Level 2–so it was very intimidating. I did’t like going into an exam never having worked with the main material we had to use. Ah well. At least the class picked a really fun–albeit overly specific–topic: fairy tales that involve food. This narrowed it down to about ten stories to base our cakes off of. I picked Rapunzel, because I thought it leant itself nicely to a cake stand. I should point out that I picked Rapunzel not Rapunzel-as-portrayed-in-the-movie-Tangled, so it doesn’t have quite the whimsy of a part wattle and daube tower with a shingled roof…instead it’s a proper stone tower. Continue reading “Rapunzel Cake: TBT”

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Path: WPC

I took this photo standing in the center of Columbus Circle looking East across Central Park South. I have a series of these photos, fiddling with shutter speed. This was one of my favorites until I noticed the shadows of people who had crossed the street during my shot. I figured I liked the shot enough to keep it, even in spite of the “ghosts” of the pedestrians and my assumption that I’d never use it. Continue reading “Path: WPC”

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Spring Pea Guacamole: Throwback Thursday (TBT)

Throwback to when everyone panicked about putting peas in guacamole (a post from my old food blog). I just took this photo with my iPhone, but I absolutely love the composition.

A few weeks ago, the Internet, to use a technical term, freaked out over a New York Times recipe for guacamole with green peas in it. Apparently President Obama doesn’t like the prospect of peas in his guacamole–and things spiraled from there. If you’d like to hear the whole story, you can check it out here: Continue reading “Spring Pea Guacamole: Throwback Thursday (TBT)”

Stronger Together?

I wrote this blog post for my elections and campaigns class. The assignment was to discuss the readings in an accessible way. I’d been doing this most weeks and succeeding. But the week after the election (it was due on Monday, November 14th) I was still processing. The readings were actually quite relevant to the election outcome and I’d had every intention of writing something insightful about them. That’s not what happened.

It’s been a month since I wrote this. I’ve been debating whether to post it. It’s still very much how I’m feeling, so I’m going for it. Continue reading “Stronger Together?”