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The Bridges of Manhattan County: WPC

Okay, okay, it’s New York County; Manhattan is a borough. Also, there are bridges from Monroe County and Oxfordshire in here. But I couldn’t help myself.

Central Park pedestrian bridge
Bridge over a pedestrian walkway near West 72nd St. in Central Park

I don’t have particularly much to say about this topic. I do, apparently, enjoy photographing bridges, so you’d think I would–you’d think wrong, though!

Still, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I’ve got plenty of those… In any case, I guess I’ll just provide a little context for the photos and leave it at that. For example, the two photos above are the railings of bridges over ponds in Central Park.

George Washington Bridge

Here, we have the George Washington Bridge as seen from downriver at the 70th (ish) Street pier.


The Coal Tower and the old silos in Pittsford in the snow from a bridge.


And one of the other Canal bridges in Pittsford. The canal is partially drained in the winter and freezes over. I think it’s just amazing how it snows over like that; it makes the bridge look rather pointless…


This is that same bridge, from on the bridge. (Notice the moon in the background–I was so excited when I was looking at the ‘film’ and saw that the moon had snuck in.)


The railway bridge down the Canal at sunset.


And finally, the bridge from Magdalen College to Addison’s Walk at Oxford. (I figured I’d pop this in since the prompt had Oxford’s recreation of the Bridge of Sighs. Plus it is pretty!)


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