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Clyde the Sea Lion: WPC

The Bronx Zoo has a pride of sea lions. (I don’t believe the collective noun for sea lions is “a pride,” but it works!) They are so amusing to watch, and Clyde and Indy recently had a beautiful little calf (why sea lion babies are called calves instead of cubs–or the much more appropriate given their dog-like behavior, pups–is beyond me. But I digress.) The baby and Clyde are in the featured image above. You can recognize the baby because she’s still furry looking. You can recognize Clyde because he is mid-bark. I assume the female sea lion is Indy, the mom, but she could be one of the other ladies who lives there.

sea lion3

Clyde is particularly amusing, because he’s a bit of a cheeky bugger. He spends much of his time swimming around barking. Yes, barking. He’s quite loud. This wasn’t a one time deal. I am a member of the Bronx Zoo (and I visit more regularly than an adult who isn’t a zoologist and doesn’t have children probably should), and every time I’ve visited I’ve heard him barking from across the long, open courtyard.

sea lion1
Look at the girl’s face–she’s like “sure, he looks quiet now…just wait.”

He even goes up to the ladies in the enclosure, who are just lying around sunning themselves, and barks at them. I’d imagine it’s rather annoying for them. And if you’ve watched the documentary on the zoo, you’ll know it’s rather annoying for the zoo director when he is on conference calls because he can hear Clyde from his office. You’ve gotta love him!


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