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Delicious: TPC

This week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge from Dutch Goes the Photo is “delicious.” As a trained pastry chef, I really wanted to bake up something special and photograph it. But as a PhD student and adjunct professor who is starting term next week, I knew that was a bad plan.

eataly 6

So I decided to incorporate this challenge into my dinner run.

eataly 3

I don’t often go to Eataly–and I’ve never been to the downtown one–so I thought I’d treat myself on my last weekend of freedom and get dinner there. Continue reading “Delicious: TPC”

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Circles and Orbs: TPC

I’m trying out a new photography challenge (Dutch Goes The Photo’s Tuesday Photo Challenge); this week’s topic is circles. Seemed like fun!

Circles are just a two-dimensional spheres. I read about physics in my spare time. I study science policy and while I don’t need to know theoretical physics to understand science policy (certainly the policymakers don’t!), I pretend it’s for my studies rather than purely for fun. Then I feel productive! Continue reading “Circles and Orbs: TPC”

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Summer in Central Park: WPC

As you can tell from the green leaves (not to mention the title of this post), I took these photos over the summer. I thought they were perfect for this week’s challenge: weathered.

weathered 4

There’s something quite beautiful about how nature weathers wood and metal–it sort of takes off the harsh edges, making the man-made blend with the naturally occurring. Continue reading “Summer in Central Park: WPC”

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Newton’s Cradle: CB&W

This week’s challenge for Cee’s Black and White Photography Challenge was toys. Fun! I toyed with (get it?!) the idea of photographing my sewing machine or my silly ‘adult coloring books’. But for me crafting and toys are different categories. So I decided to fiddle around with my Newton’s Cradle.

newton 5

I wanted to freeze it with one of the end balls in mid-air but my apartment isn’t light enough to use such a fast shutter speed and still have a semi-decent photo. Still I got some fun shots, I think.

newton 1

Particularly this one, where even though the movement isn’t frozen, you can see the movement of the end balls.


You can sort of see the motion in all of them actually. And in some ways I think it’s cooler that way than frozen mid-swing.

newton 2

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18 Resolutions for 2018

Happy New Year!

I’m not one for major (or even minor) New Year’s resolutions, but I feel like I should try to make some non-work/school related goals for myself (I have many work/school related goals for myself that aren’t tied to this silly tradition).

Here are 18 tiny goals for 2018:

  1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator more often.
  2. Cook with more fresh fruits and veggies.
  3. Make more recipes (aka use my cookbook collection more often).
  4. Read for pleasure.
  5. Finish knitting the blanket I started in 2015.
  6. Make a dent in my tapestry (I won’t say finish, because that isn’t realistic).
  7. Finally make the itty bitty wedding gift for my friends who got married this fall.
  8. Finish the purple quilt that I cut the pieces for over a year ago.
  9. Make at least one project with left over fabric or miscellaneous fat quarters.
  10. Blog more (my goal is to not skip more than a fortnight, but if I don’t skip a month I’ll be thrilled).
  11. Bake more fancy stuff.
  12. Make proper ice cream.
  13. Restock my freezer with baked goods.
  14. Take more photos of my baked goods with my good camera.
  15. Bring my camera with me more often.
  16. Be more mindful when I’m shooting photos (digital is cheap, but slogging through millions of photos is a pain in the rear.)
  17. Go to Staten Island. (It’s absurd that I still haven’t been to one of the 5 boroughs.)
  18. Go to a Broadway (or off-Broadway or off-off-Broadway) show.

I probably won’t report back on all of these, but as I complete goals that have a final product, I’ll post them.

P.S. The featured photo is of July Fourth fireworks–but close enough

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17 of 2017: WPC

The Weekly Photo Challenge for the last week of the year is to choose a favorite photo from the year. One single favorite photo wasn’t happening. I thought maybe the top 5 would work. But then I figured my favorite 17 of 2017 would be fun. Some of these are favorites because the quality, some because the subject, some just because. I’ll caption each one, because I just know you are waiting with baited breath to find out why I picked each pic! In no particular order: Continue reading “17 of 2017: WPC”

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Chocolate Cupcakes with Coconut Buttercream

It’s the end of the year and I’m trying to play catch up. This semester I was teaching for the first time (while still taking classes and trying to get my act together to study for my comprehensive exams and begin the process of doing my dissertation proposal). So it’s not that I did stuff that I didn’t post, it’s that I didn’t do anything but teach and study. But I was going through my photos to pick out pics for the last photography challenge of the year and I noticed that I missed a couple of really good food items. Here goes….

cupcakes 1

Continue reading “Chocolate Cupcakes with Coconut Buttercream”

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White Chocolate, Cranberry, and Pecan Scones (and some scone making pointers)

One of my professors held our final meeting over brunch in his lovely apartment. A couple of my classmates from that class were in classes with me last year when I was less busy and so baked for my classmates. It seemed polite to bring something and my classmates strongly encouraged me to do so!


Continue reading “White Chocolate, Cranberry, and Pecan Scones (and some scone making pointers)”