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17 of 2017: WPC

The Weekly Photo Challenge for the last week of the year is to choose a favorite photo from the year. One single favorite photo wasn’t happening. I thought maybe the top 5 would work. But then I figured my favorite 17 of 2017 would be fun. Some of these are favorites because the quality, some because the subject, some just because. I’ll caption each one, because I just know you are waiting with baited breath to find out why I picked each pic! In no particular order: Continue reading “17 of 2017: WPC”

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A Peek into the Past: WPC

I can’t help it, I’m doing a second post for this week’s photo challenge. It’s a fun topic, I suppose. Or maybe it’s that time in the semester that I just need a diversion. In any case, these photos are from a visit this past summer to Genesee Country Museum. I know I’ve mentioned them before, but I love going and it’s such a fun place to take photos.

I have tons of pictures, so I figured I’d go with the more literal peeks… Continue reading “A Peek into the Past: WPC”

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Polar Bear: WPC

This week’s photo challenge was “solitude.” I spent a while thinking of what I might choose to photograph, I had some thoughts but no definite ideas. Then I remembered this lovely polar bear from the Bronx Zoo.


Lounging on his (her?) own, he looks so solitary and peaceful. I bet he will be frolicking tomorrow in the blizzard though!

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Artistic Goose: Black & White Photo Challenge (CB&W)

Today I found a new black and white photography challenge. I wasn’t planning on doing the first one I found every week, let alone starting a second one. But I like taking black and white photos (and sepia, which also counts for this challenge). I never really have an excuse to post them though, as they never really work for what I’m going for. Now I’ll have an excuse to post the few I’ve taken and to take more.

I digress. Continue reading “Artistic Goose: Black & White Photo Challenge (CB&W)”

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Lamberton Conservatory

The voters have spoken and it’s a tie. As the vote for Lamberton came in first, I will post it first. But not to worry, Letchworth will be coming up very soon.

For those of you who are not familiar with Lamberton, it’s a small but very well kept conservatory in Rochester, NY. They’ve got a great variety of tropical plants like orchids and bougainvillea.

Continue reading “Lamberton Conservatory”