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Artistic Goose: Black & White Photo Challenge (CB&W)

Today I found a new black and white photography challenge. I wasn’t planning on doing the first one I found every week, let alone starting a second one. But I like taking black and white photos (and sepia, which also counts for this challenge). I never really have an excuse to post them though, as they never really work for what I’m going for. Now I’ll have an excuse to post the few I’ve taken and to take more.

I digress. Continue reading “Artistic Goose: Black & White Photo Challenge (CB&W)”

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Genesee Country Village and Museum

Day before yesterday I went to the Celtic Festival at the Genesee Country Village and Museum, a fantastic living history museum in upstate New York.


GCV&M is a brilliant place. If you find yourself in the area it is well worth a visit. Basically, they have painstakingly relocated pioneer- to Victorian- era houses from the surrounding area. Volunteer craftspeople carry on traditions from maintaining and using the antique printing press to running the blacksmith’s shop, from baking traditional cakes in traditional kitchens to growing hops and brewing beer. It’s an impressive, functional, historic village. I visited once or twice in elementary school and I was sure I was remembering it through rose colored glasses. I most certainly wasn’t. It’s even better than I remembered! Continue reading “Genesee Country Village and Museum”