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Roads and Paths: CB&W

There’s something lovely about photographing a road or path. They can entice you into the photo, making you wonder what’s around the turn or past the focal point. They can be a stage for action and the hustle and bustle of a city, or an invitation to somewhere tranquil and secluded. Plus they can be really useful for framing a shot!

road 3

I’ve got a decent amount of pics that would satisfy this photo challenge (roads and walks), so I decided to limit myself to a few photos that looked fun with selective colorization. Continue reading “Roads and Paths: CB&W”

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Lincoln Center Fountain: CB&W

I’d been meaning to post these for ages, and this black and white photography challenge from Cee’s Photography to photograph “water” seemed like a good reason to finally follow through.

lincoln center fountain 1

I brought my camera to Lincoln Center to take photos of the fountain outside the opera house. Continue reading “Lincoln Center Fountain: CB&W”