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Voter Turnout Predictions

Nate Silver and Cass Sunstein predict that there will be low voter turnout this year. Sunstein estimates that only a bit over half the voting-age population will cast a ballot this year. There are certainly some compelling arguments for Sunstein and Silver’s theory. Trump’s ground game deficit, the decreasing competitiveness of the race, and the lack of enthusiasm among voters are all factors that point to a low-turnout election.

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Remember a couple of months ago, in honor of World Photo Day, I promised photos from various photo shoots? And I delivered on the two that tied for the audience’s vote: Letchworth State Park and Lamberton Conservatory… But then I didn’t post the others. Sorry. Here’s the first of the remaining batches.

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Have You Registered To Vote?

I know this isn’t quite right, but they don’t give out “I registered to Vote Today” stickers.

I just logged in, planning to post some lovely photos I took recently. Those will have to wait because wordpress distracted me. They asked me if I’d like to put an app on my blog that will remind US visitors to register to vote. I’ve done it.

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